Trinity of Paths (Trojstvo poti) refers to three activities
which enable a birth of new experiences.
Furthermore, it refers to a place where life-related questions are phrased,
and where answers from the Soul emerge.
At the intersections there are words, movement, and profoundness.
We get to know presence and authenticity through wisdom, alertness, and sensuality of our body.
We also get to learn how to express thoughts clearly and decisively. Finally, we awaken the heart of our spirit.


Dance-Movement Psychotherapy / Conscious Dance

In Dance-Movement Psychotherapy we use movement and dance for therapeutic purposes. With it, we explore, support, and develop the emotional, motor, and intellectual functions of the body. With regular dancing we pave the way to bring us closer to the language of our Soul.

Psychotherapy / Supervision

Psychotherapy is a sandbox of Life’s learnings. A space for exploring our inner world. A training for our personal journeys to our inner world. A process. In each session we confront ourselves and our feelings, which is where our intuition is born. We learn how to breathe consciously and connect ourselves with our Purpose.

Support in the Perinatal Period

During these sessions I hold space for pregnant women, their partners and family members. You can consciously prepare for birth, parenthood, share experiences and find protection. These are moments exclusively dedicated to you and your baby.

The Alchemy of Life (Process of Individualisation)

Trinity of Paths sometimes involves liberating and enlightening insights. Other times your encounters with yourself can be painful.
In both cases, these moments offer understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual intelligence within us.
They carry awareness of movement, sensations, and thoughts. They teach us how to be in the present moment. Every day they invite you to step on the path of realising your potential, personal empowerment, and your unique personal truth.
The lines you are reading are the fruit of my life path. I will be your companion on your journey. Your conscious, grounded, mindful and flexible companion. I treat every client individually and often listen to my inner voice and intuition.
If you are curious to know more, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via email, phone, or personal visit.

I sincerely look forward to hearing from you.