About me


My name is Ljudmila.

“I dance through life”, because as far as I can remember, my body has been inspired by dance.

I work as a psychotherapist and a supervisor under supervision. I like to describe myself as a woman who accompanies people (men and women), when they “give birth” to their identity (relationship with themselves) and alterity (relationship to higher being). As your therapist, I encourage you to live authentically and in the present moment. I am your companion in Life as it is, which can be both pleasant and difficult. I also offer support for women, couples, and families in perinatal period.

Since my early childhood, I have expressed myself through dance. Today, dance is not only my personal medicine, but also a healing method for my clients.

„Formless dance” is a creative element of body language, which opens the door to my inner world. I integrate it into my personal and professional life. “Formless dance” is an expression of human hearts, which helps me strengthen and develop my clients’ personal potential.

I like to believe that I was born three times. My first birth took place in my twenties, when I became a professional ballerina. During my early childhood and school years, I sacrificed my free time for my love of dancing.


Studying abroad, dancing on stage, perfectionism, performances, blisters, various dance genres, classical and modern dance, Spanish dance, tango nuevo, salsa, … All those rules and structures made me feel cramped inside.

In the meantime, I become a social worker and completed a decade long study of psychotherapy. This was the beginning of my personal growth. A metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. A transition from structured to more dynamic, relaxed, and “flowing” life. It has led me to the birth of a doula, when I gave birth in a true sense of the word: I became a mother. I have also discovered Dance of 5 rhythms, and I started studying dance-movement psychotherapy. This has finally freed my body from ballet shackles, structure, and shame. I was finally able to how myself with all my potentials and glowing profoundness.

A couple of years ago, my former husband and I divorced amicably. I will be happy to support you in your search for answers.

Each personal experience helped me reach a little bit deeper into my Soul. When the years passed by, both dark and light aspects of Life polished me like a diamond. The answers have never eluded me. I connected the picture with the past and got to know the person I was in that moment. This has strengthened a new shade of myself, and I gave it a name and transformed its weakness into creative path and self-realisation.

On my personal journey, I have recognized different faces of my Inner Woman. I have created a group of women, who strive to be fully aware of their Womanhood. They wish to embody and empower it, for example by learning about cyclical living.

As mentioned before, I am currently living a life after my third birth. I am psychotherapist, supervisor, and doula. I have accepted what I am and what is. In the face of challenges, I sometimes pave the way to myself. Other times, I wait hopefully and open-mindedly in silence. If necessary, I steer through the tunnels and strengthen my Consciousness. In the search of light, I turn into tenderness, where I try learning to dwell in the Love. My journeys can be delicious, happy, and dynamic, but they are always curious, persistent, and heartfelt.

So, I am with you in this space of creating new frequencies, colors, tastes, bodily sensations, wisdom and finding truths that ignite your Light of Self.


Who knows, maybe something new will be born?

My Work as a Therapist

I offer individual and group psychotherapy sessions based on psychodynamic and dance-movement methods. If necessary, I integrate and combine different therapeutic methods and thus, adapt my approach to individual needs. I am mindful, flexible and rely strongly on my intuition.
Since 2007, I have been leading dance-movement psychotherapeutic groups and women’s groups. In my work with groups, I remain sensitive, open, and professional. I am always down to earth.
Conversation, active imagination, dream analysis, mindfulness, “formless dance” or dance movement therapy and shamanistic symbolism, are my most important tools of the trade. Sometimes I also use physical exercises, techniques, energy work and work with archetypes.


In 2012, I broadened my portfolio with occasional yet important, wonderful, and responsible support in the perinatal period: I became a Doula. In the years from 2012 to 2016, I helped to organize meetings and childbirth preparation courses for pregnant women and their partners, which took place in Terme Dobrna. Until today, I participate in raising awareness about the importance of doulas, physiological birth, conscious conception for women and couples and for the little souls who are about to join this world.

Currently, I only focus on women and couples who prepare for conscious conceptions and birth. I no longer offer support for women during labor.

I am eternally grateful and moved by my clients’ personal growth stories, who in return, facilitate my symbolic growth. At our core, we are all connected to our Soul’s response.
I will help you awaken your body to life, your soul to consciousness
and spirit into potential / action / realization,
and into Life as it is.