Dance-Movement Psychotherapy

Dance-Movement Psychotherapy

In Dance-Movement Psychotherapy we use movement and dance for therapeutic purposes. With it we explore, support, and develop the emotional, motor, and intellectual functions of the body. With regular dancing we pave the way, which brings us closer to the embodiment of our Soul.
In Dance-Movement Psychotherapy, I hold space for the expression of the emotions, shadows, and truths through motion, movement, and dance. When our inner world talks to us, the “talking dance” is created. We also call it “formless dance” or “dance without prescribed form” or “conscious dance”.
During sessions we develop authentic movement, which is non-structured and spontaneous. This is how we encourage authentic, mindful, and loving contact with ourselves and others.

For me, dance-movement psychotherapy is the healing of sentient parts of us through dance. It helps us to relinquish control and shift from head to heart. I see it as one of the possible paths to a realization, and an embodiment of our visions.
If you recognize yourself in thoughts such as: “But I am not a dancer.” or “I am so shy,” or “I’m not good at dancing,” don’t worry. No talent, coordination or body shape is required to join our dance-movement psychotherapy session.

The authentic form that dance therapy contains, embraces our holistic life. It is the hidden language of our soul.

I invite you to surrender and the first step is taken when you decide. You are cordially invited.

Dance when you’re broken open, dance if you’ve torn the bandage off, dance in the middle of the fighting, dance in your blood, dance when you’re perfectly free. – Rumi