is a sandbox of Life’s learnings. A space for exploring our inner world. Exploring the patterns of the past and the influence of our childhood on our present and the future. In psychotherapy process you connect with yourself on a deeper level – and in the present moment. Psychotherapy is like a training that takes place in your inner world. It equals mental work and process. A process. I like to call it a dance with yourself.
During every session we confront ourselves and our feelings – it is here where our intuition is born. We are free to delve into our potential and new paths. We can build conscious relationships, declare selflove and love for others. Overcoming obstacles and laying down burdens can sometimes be beautiful. Other times this can be satisfying and pleasant like a walk in the park. This is how we deepen the connection with our essence.
We learn how to breathe consciously and connect ourselves with our Purpose.

As your psychotherapist I hold space for you to express your feelings, fragility, shyness, anger, sadness, inspirations, and virtues. You can make decisions, establish new connections, and create healthier and more satisfying life stories.

For me, psychotherapy is like a ritual in which we talk about our fears and deepest hopes.

I will be by your side and facilitate you to enter your authentic power. The more we nurture the loving parts of our personality and bring awareness to the fearful parts, the more our personality matches our soul. This is how we live in our authentic power (Gary Zukav).

Psychotherapy helps us to rekindle the spiritual fire within us.


With supervision we develop our psychotherapeutic career and maintain our personal growth.
Supervision is targeted to psychotherapists and psychotherapy specialists, who wish to establish a professional level of healthy psychotherapeutic work.
The goal of supervision is to relieve professional psychotherapists, which enables them to effectively cope with stressful situation and maintain the capacity to learn.
Supervision is the cultivation of future experience related to professional activity, problems in your private life and personal development of your own psychotherapy career.