Support in the Perinatal Period

Conscious preparation for childbirth for women and couples

During these sessions I focus on pregnant women, their partners and family members. You can consciously prepare for birth and parenthood. You can share experience and find protection. These are moments exclusively dedicated to you and your baby.

You can acquire information and gain knowledge about forgotten wisdom of giving birth in Slovenia. Everything is based on scientific findings. These sessions can be the key to connecting with each other and with your baby.

Partners can learn how to support a woman during all stages of labour. What promotes the birth and what can cause a blockage?

Mothers-to-be can learn about the beneficial movements that help with childbirth. We will also talk about the internal rhythm of life, hormonal activity, emotional rainbow during childbirth, communication between body and mind, relaxation during childbirth, visualizations, and active imagination.


Therapeutic support for women and pregnant women

As a therapist and doula, I get to encounter many women who share with me their childbirth story. Many of them are bitter. I openly listen, acknowledge, accompany, and guide you towards a way where you can let go of your fears and make peace with traumatic childbirth and miscarriage.
Allow yourself to take time and space to heal in a safe environment. In such a way, that you will be able to create a new and different experience.

Therapeutic support is targeted to:

  • Women with traumatic birth experience
  • Women who are afraid of giving birth
  • Women who experienced miscarriage or abortion
  • Women who would like to become aware of their memories of childbirth and thereby, free themselves from buried emotions and set themselves free.

The Rite of Passage into Motherhood

A rite of passage into motherhood is a reunion of women who express welcome to the new baby. It is a celebration of the pregnant woman with women of her choice. They support her in her conscious transition into motherhood. It is a mindful celebration of the expected baby.

During the rite of passage into motherhood time stops and a space for connection, celebration and sensation of the transition is created. Here a deepened consciousness of all participants is created. For me these moments are a unique way of stopping, celebrating, and creating from the inspiration that all the participating women bring together.

The rite of passage into motherhood is a powerful tool that helps a pregnant woman to awaken the strength necessary for childbirth and life’s chapter of motherhood. During the rite of passage, a mother-to-be connects herself with her women. She can transform her expression, feelings, and thoughts with the ritual of motherhood. The rite is a way of connecting with life’s dreams and giving up old expectations and accepting new obligations.

It allows her to receive the Blessing, form her vision and celebrate joy.

Who performs the rite and how does it look like?

The rite of passage into motherhood is lead by two trained doulas. Mothers-to-be should select the women whom she wishes to invite to the celebration. Both doulas get in touch with these women and together they outline the details of the ritual. The rite of passage into motherhood usually lasts 4 hours. After the rite, food and drinks are offered.