Explanation of the name

"Trinity of Paths"

This is custom heading element

It started when I bought a wooden pendant from an artist in Murter, and I just loved it. In the autumn, six months later, I went to London to study and ended up in a London bookshop. I saw a book of symbols on the shelf and on the book was drawn the symbol of a pendant I had bought in Murter. I stumbled upon a book called “Celtic Symbols” and found that the pendant was a symbol called the Triskelion and not just a “fictional sculpture of a pendant”.


I have been moved by spirals for as long as I can remember. I draw them and admire them.

Triskelion has 3 legs
and represents the Holy Trinity.

  • Mother∼Father∼Child
  • Past∼Present∼Future
  • Creation∼Preservation∼Destruction.
  • Soul∼Spirit∼Body
  • Earth∼Water∼Sky
  • Father∼Son∼Holy Spirit
Symbolically, I am on the road with you. I do the work of a soul companion (work as a psychotherapist, dance-movement therapist) and as a companion of pregnant couples (doula); with the aim of raising the level of awareness.
My purpose is to accompany you on the Path of Life, taking the difficult and beautiful steps, to your juicy, heartfelt, authentic awareness, to the possible living of the clear Truth of your reality, … with the help of the “Trinity”.